Does Riivolution work with my "backups" or USB loaders?

No. And that's not a bug.

Does Riivolution work with my PAL/NTSC/JAP Wii/game?


What IOS does it need installed?

Riivolution requires an updated IOS37; if you're on System Menu 4.2 you should be good. If it's not installed or the proper version, it will be installed the first time Riivolution is run.

Alternatively, you can also use NUSD or DOP-IOS to install it - with all patches disabled.

Does Riivolution work with Game X?

I probably haven't played it, but yes, it should; try it. If it doesn't work, report it - some games known to reload IOS will require specific patches to work.

Games that have specifically been tested include Fatal Frame 4, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Rock Band, among others.

What does the "Install" button do?

It will install a Riivolution channel onto your System Menu for easy access. This can always be uninstalled.

Can I use Ocarina / Gecko codes with it?

Normally, Riivolution just supports direct memory patches. However, Riivolution supports a patching method that can be used with the Gecko OS code handler.

Read more about that here.

Can I add new files to a disc with Riivolution?

Not yet.

Uhh, how do I use this?

As a user, you need to either download patch packages made by someone else or make your own.

A basic template and packages for common games can be found at the Patch Templates section. For a more detailed explanation about Riivolution's patch XML files, check out the instructions.

Network support? Awesome, how do I use it?

Read more about all of Riivolution's network features. You can also check out our list of all the known public Riivolution servers.

Can I see it in action?