This is a public RiiFS server that hosts a hand-picked selection of New Super Mario Bros. Wii levels made by the community.

Simply place this XML file in the /riivolution folder on the root of your SD or USB device.

NOTE: This requires the Riivolution v1.02 update and an active internet connection to work.

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March 2010 Sample

This month features the first two worlds of the game customized with all-new levels.

World 1

World 1 features an entire set of levels by BulletBillTime.

The tower level in World 1 is Cloudy Climb by Mario41001.

World 2

World 2 contains a random selection of levels by different artists.

Level Title Author
2-1 Event Training TobiasAmaranth
2-2 Yoshi’s Island 2 from Super Mario World FirePhoenix
2-3 Pop's Play Level Pop006
2-4 Mushroom Babysitting Boingboingsplat
2-5 New Swinging Bars of Doom Qball
2-6 Ghoul Graveyard Skawo
2-Tower New Classic Mario Bros 1-4 TobiasAmaranth